Curb Chain & Large Tag

Curb Chain & Large Tag

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Grad gift for him!

Customize this larger tag with words, dates, the gps coordinates of that important place, a short phrase... Coordinates shown in photo are of Gleneagles Elementary, the place where it all began for some 2019 graduates.

  • Tag example photo shows gps coordinates on one side; grad years of elementary school and of high school on the other side
  • Italian-made sterling curb chain is 3mm wide; length options are 20”, 22”, 24”. 
  • Tag measures 7mm wide x 30mm (3cms) long x 1mm thick
  • option for oxidized(darkened) letters/numbers 
  • all components 925 Sterling Silver
  • stamping is done by hand (mine) so please allow for slight variations in alignment/spacing      

questions? Simply email me


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