Small Circle Initial Necklace - from $27

Small Circle Initial Necklace - from $27

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 The perfect understated necklace with round initial charms. Choose 1 charm or a few, optional gems (Birthstone reference guide below)

  • Customize each charm with an initial
  • Chain is 18 inches
  • These Small circle charms measure 7mm x 1mm thick 
  • All components are 925 sterling silver.

Gem Reference Guide:
Jan-garnet, Feb-amethyst, March-aquamarine, April-crystal,
May-emerald, June-pearl, July-ruby, August-peridot,
Sept-sapphire, Oct-rose quartz, Nov-citrine, Dec-blue topaz

***This listing accomodates up to 3 charms and 3 gems ~
Additional charms, gems & chains are available on the 'A La Carte' page***

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