Sarah spent her formative years on free-spirited Saltspring Island, BC. Pastimes included endless hours of dressup (final touches provided by Mom's and Grandma's jewellery boxes), outdoor ambling, playing with the farm animals including Goz her pet goose. A strong affinity to make things in those early years included secretly "restyling" some of Mom's jewellery until Mom put a stop to all that. After some interesting years in the corporate worlds of retail and advertising Sarah began a small jewellery business in 2007 as a way to be home with the kids. Years later the infatuation with jewellery and gems is still going strong and the little business keeps her happily making. Sarah lives on Vancouver's North Shore with her musical husband Tom, their 2 boys Mac and Charlie, a big white dog Belle, and maybe one day a pet goose.

The Process

Each letter is stamped by hand (mine) in my cozy home studio. Slight variations in spacing and alignment are to be expected and are part of the hand crafted charm. It is my pleasure to create custom hand-stamped jewellery & gifts that are individual and significant to those who wear them. To delight my customers with meaningful purchases and excellent customer service is the icing on the cake.