Bar Pendants ~From $27 A La Carte

Bar Pendants ~from $27

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Customized Bar Pendants, yes!

This listing is for the bar charms on their own. Chains can be purchased separately - find the chains listings in the A La Carte Collection

Handstamped names, words, coordinates can be on one side or both of these sturdy sterling bars  

4mm wide x 2mm thick, lengths vary (see below)

choose your size - small, medium, medium-long, long or a custom length (just email me to discuss, it’s that easy 


  • Small - 3 cms long, suits approx 9 letters/spaces (18-20” is my suggested chain length for this size bar)
  • Medium - 4cms long, suits approx 13 letters/spaces (works well with 20-30” chain)
  • Medium-Long - 5 1/2cms long, suits approx 20 letters/spaces (goes great with a longer chain, I recommend 24” or longer) coming...
  • Long - 7cms long, suits 25 letters/spaces (best with a long chain, say 30-36”, just a suggestion ;)

If you’re leaving one side blank it can be hammered or smooth, your choice. 

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