Skinny Stacking Rings Ring

Skinny Stacking Rings

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Stamp your kid’s name, a date, a favourite inspirational word.....endless possibilities.

Wear them on their own or stack a few together - strung on a chain they also work as pendants!

Skinny rings are either 2mm or 3mm wide, 925 Sterling silver

Here are a few awesome ideas (if we do say so ourselves) ...

  • mama bear
  • strength
  • live ever in a new day
  • no mistakes only lessons
  • carpe diem
  • loving kindness
  • grateful
  • gratitude
  • blessed
  • loved
  • peace begins with a smile
  • thankful
  • namaste
  • Long may you run
  • be the change
  • live love laugh
  • be here now
  • live for moments
  • compassion
  • intention
  • courage
  • breathe
  • gin and tonic (a personal fave ;)
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