Curb Chain & Large Tag - from $60

Curb Chain & Large Tag - from $60

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Grad gift for him!

Customize this larger tag with words, dates, the gps coordinates of that important place... Coordinates shown in photo are of Gleneagles Elementary, the place where it all began for some 2019 graduates. 

  • Option to stamp one or both sides - photo shows grad years of elementary school and of high school 
  • Italian-made sterling curb chain is 3mm wide; length options are 20”, 22”, 24”. 
  • Tag measures 7mm wide x 30mm (3cms) long x 1mm thick
  • option for oxidized(darkened) letters/numbers 
  • all components 925 Sterling Silver
  • stamping is done by hand (mine) so please allow for slight variations in alignment/spacing      

questions? Simply email me


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